Panel discussion

Samstag, 18. Februar 2017, 19.15 Uhr REX 2

Podcasts: The Future of Narrative Audio and Acoustic Long-form Journalism?

Panel guests:
• Jonathan Mitchell (USA), founding member of the podcast network Radiotopia from PRX, director and producer of «The Truth»
• Holger Ort (CH), founder of, host and producer of «Menschen mit Ideen»
• Marietta Schwarz (D), independent author, editor and presenter at Deutschlandfunk / Deutschlandradio Kultur, host and producer of «Mutti und ich»
• Nicolas Semak (D), co-founder of the first German podcast label Viertausendhertz, host and producer of «Elementarfragen»
Host: Naomi Gregoris, TagesWoche, freelance radio journalist

The worldwide success of «Serial» brought the podcast industry in the USA to a new boom. Podcast label start-ups, newly founded networks and independent producers have been creating a growing number of high-quality and sound-rich podcast-series, from paranormal mysteries, criminal investigations, and touching personal narratives to «movies for your ears». The number of listeners as well as advertising revenues have been growing for years. In the German-speaking parts of Europe, however, either podcasts cannot seem to live down their reputation for being hour-long babbling sessions, or they are perceived as a recycling station for radio material that’s already been broadcasted. «Native» podcasts, or shows that are exclusively produced as podcasts, are rare.
What factors are facilitating the popularity of podcasting in the USA? What does it take for a podcast to flourish? How does it find its audience? And what stories lead to successful podcast concepts in the first place? Together with our guests, we will discuss the booming podcast industry in the USA and its potential for Europe.

Kindly supported by the Public Affairs Section of the United States Embassy in Bern and the German Embassy in Bern.

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