7th sonOhr Festival – Radio Reloaded, February 17th – 19th 2017

The sonOhr Festival celebrates sound-rich audio stories. Lean back, close your eyes and create your own pictures in your head.
On this site, you’ll find all the events of the current festival entirely or partially in English.

REXtone goes sonOhr

Friday, February 17th 2017, from 11:15 pm Foyer

party with Johnny Ola


Saturday, February 18th 2017, 10:30 am – 1:30 pm REX 1

Shaping Stories through Sound
with Jonathan Mitchell from «The Truth» (Radiotopia, USA)

«The Truth» podcast makes fiction stories that feel intimate and are sonically expressive. Based on original ideas, scripting, improvisation, recording, sound design and podcasting, Jonathan Mitchell will guide participants through the production process of one of his podcast episodes. He will describe the working methods that best suit him and his team to bring their audio stories to life. In the second part, Jonathan Mitchell will work with the participants on a concrete scene and demonstrate some of his methods: We will hear about shaping the story through collaboration with the actors, finding the ideal balance between writing and improvisation, changing perspective through the recording setup and adding to the story with a smart sound design.

Jonathan Mitchell is writer, director, producer of «The Truth». He has contributed documentaries, fictional stories, non-narrated sound collages, and original music to public radio programs like «Radiolab», «This American Life», «Planet Money» or BBC Radio 4. His work has won many awards, including the Peabody. He studied music composition at University of Illinois and Mills College.

*Registration required info(ät)sonohr.ch. CHF 60/30 (free of charge for participants of sonOhr competition)

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Radioschule klipp+klang


Saturday, February 18th 2017, 5:45 pm REX 2
Im Anschluss Gespräch mit AutorInnen

Mutti und ich
von Marietta Schwarz (D), Hochdeutsch, 15 min

«Mutti und ich» ist ein Podcast über eine besondere Frau. Sie wurde 1938 geboren, hätte gerne studiert und musste an den Herd. Sie ist sehr religiös, und manchmal ein bisschen wild. Die drei Kinder sind längst aus dem Haus. Eines von ihnen fing an, bei Besuchen das Mikrofon anzuschalten.


The Truth
by Jonathan Mitchell (Radiotopia, USA), English, 20 min

«The Truth» makes movies for your ears: short stories that are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always intriguing. The stories, while fictional, are often topical and possible. The title «The Truth» comes from a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, that goes, «fiction reveals truth that reality obscures».


Panel Discussion

Saturday, February 18th 2017, 7:15 pm REX 2

Podcasts: The Future of Narrative Audio and Acoustic Long-form Journalism?

Panel guests:
• Jonathan Mitchell (USA), founding member of the podcast network Radiotopia from PRX, director and producer of «The Truth»
• Holger Ort (CH), founder of Doku.fm, host and producer of «Menschen mit Ideen»
• Marietta Schwarz (D), independent author, editor and presenter at Deutschlandfunk / Deutschlandradio Kultur, host and producer of «Mutti und ich»
• Nicolas Semak (D), co-founder of the first German podcast label Viertausendhertz, host and producer of «Elementarfragen»
Host: Naomi Gregoris, TagesWoche, freelance radio journalist

The worldwide success of «Serial» brought the podcast industry in the USA to a new boom. Podcast label start-ups, newly founded networks and independent producers have been creating a growing number of high-quality and sound-rich podcast-series, from paranormal mysteries, criminal investigations, and touching personal narratives to «movies for your ears». The number of listeners as well as advertising revenues have been growing for years. In the German-speaking parts of Europe, however, either podcasts cannot seem to live down their reputation for being hour-long babbling sessions, or they are perceived as a recycling station for radio material that’s already been broadcasted. «Native» podcasts, or shows that are exclusively produced as podcasts, are rare.
What factors are facilitating the popularity of podcasting in the USA? What does it take for a podcast to flourish? How does it find its audience? And what stories lead to successful podcast concepts in the first place? Together with our guests, we will discuss the booming podcast industry in the USA and its potential for Europe.

Kindly supported by the Public Affairs Section of the United States Embassy in Bern and the German Embassy in Bern.

Podcast Marathon

Saturday, February 18th 2017, 8:30 – around 11:30 pm REX 2
admission possible at any time and free of charge

Binge Listening Night
We’ll celebrate «excessive» listening with selected podcast discoveries from the sonOhr team, in English/Standard German. Surprising, intriguing and highly addictive.
The marathon program:

20.30 – 21.05
Wooden Overcoats
Rudyard and Antigone Funn run a funeral home in Piffling Vale. When sexy new undertaker Eric Chapman opens up across the square, he’s an instant success and the Funns traditional service are forgotten by the community.

21.05 – 21.25
Not by Accident
by Sophie Harper, a partner show at Wondery
Now and then we can decide to make a choice, to take action and to set life on a new course. We don’t have to just accept our circumstances. We can make life more what we want it to be. A documentary podcast series about becoming a single mother and coping with being one.

21.25 – 21.50
The Heart
by Kaitlin Prest, Radiotopia
The Heart is a show about love, life, bodies and feelings. With rich sound design, intimate subject matter and a critical lens, the stories on this show ask the important question of our era: What is love?

21.50 – 22.20
Der Anhalter
von Sven Preger und Stephan Beuting, Eine Hörweltenproduktion im Auftrag des WDR
Heinrich hat schon viel zu lange gelebt, sagt er, ist schon viel zu viel gereist. Jetzt eben nur noch diese eine Reise, die letzte, nach Zürich zu Dignitas. Heinrich will Schluss machen – und benötigt Sterbehilfe.

22.20 – 22.55
by Marc Smerling and Zac Stuart-Pontier, Gimlet
Welcome to Providence, Rhode Island, a city where organized crime corrupted every aspect of public life. In the first episode of Crimetown, a young prosecutor named Buddy Cianci takes on a gruesome murder case. As the investigation heats up, Buddy goes head to head with the most notorious mob boss in the country—and launches a career that will change Providence forever.

22.55 – 23.35
The Black Tapes
Hosted by Alex Reagan & Nic Silver, Pacific Northwest Stories
In The The Black Tapes, our host, Alex Reagan, enters the strange world of paranormal investigation and encounters the enigmatic Dr. Richard Strand: a ghost hunter who doesn’t believe in ghosts. We follow Alex as she attempts to unlock both the secrets of Strand’s collection of mysterious black VHS cases, and the dark and mysterious past of the enigmatic man himself.

Competition 5

Saturday, February 18th 2017, 10 pm REX 1

Minutes of an Extended Departure
Radio drama by The Caretakers with Franz Andres Morrissey, Simon D. Hicks, Nathalie Dulio, 2016, English, 36 min
When an aging father struggles to keep track of his various realities and his unmarried grown-up son finds it increasingly difficult to hold things together, patience, much needed, wears thin and old conflicts lurk, occasionally breaking loose. But is all love lost?

Hörspiel von und mit Judith Stadlin und Michael van Orsouw, 2015, Hochdeutsch, 8 min
KuckuckFrühling im Märchenland. Der edle Prinz hört den Kuckuck rufen: Zeit für die Ehe! Rasch ist die Zukünftige gefunden, doch was tun, wenn die Angebetete eine Allergie gegen des Prinzen Pferd hat? Ein Märchen ausschliesslich aus Ortsnamen aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Jedes Wort ein Ort. Ehrenwort!


Quatsch mit Sosse
Hörspiel von Matteo Pagamici und Noemi Egloff mit Lukas Beeler und Svenja Koch, 2015, Hochdeutsch, 7 min
Was ist eigentlich ein Splattergeräusch? Eines, dass dir die Nackenhaare aufstellt und deinen Puls rasen lässt? In der Kochshow «Quatsch mit Sosse» bereiten eine junge Reporterin und ein Starkoch das vegetarische Gericht Wachichi zu. So ganz fleischlos bleibt die Klangschlacht dann aber doch nicht. Ein Hörstück, das mit wilden Assoziationen zu alltäglichen Klängen spielt.